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Automatic Double Sliding Door

Automatic Double Sliding Door

Product Overview

1.Adopting german brushed DC motor of long life span,high efficiency.

2.The door leaf will automatically turn back if it touches any obstacles when it is moving,so it is safer for users.

3.The operator can automatically adapt itself to different doors weights.

4.The solw runing distance in the porcess of opening or closing can be adjusted automatically.

5.The motor is desingned with unique lock function,then the doors can be locked without mechanical locks.

6.Faster opening speed,more humanization.

7.The main body and accessories of the product are designed and configured in complete accordance with dust prevention, sealing and purification requirements of GMP international standards for clean rooms of industries and pharmaceutical factories.

8.The control system is designed according to safety requirements of electrical systems of purification manufacturers, and can adopt many control modes according to the requirements of factories, to avoid electromagnetic interference to other equipment in the same environment. Due to the support of a dustless belt, the dustless purification performance can be ensured.


Opening speed

250~550mm/s( adjustable )

Closing speed

250~550mm/s( adjustable )

Open delay time

Closing forceF >70N
Manual open force <100N
Power consumption <150W


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